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About Me

Since the very first day I laid hands on a keyboard I’ve been helping people become more successful through online marketing. And I love it.
The Marketing Big Secret
What I’ve learnt from working with over 250 clients since 2006 is that amongst all the complexity, online marketing boils down to two things: there are people that need things and there are people that have things. Simple.

It’s bridging the gap that’s the fun part. And contrary to what most will sell you, the golden answer isn’t about the latest tool or a single marketing channel, it comes down to relentlessly pursuing exactly what the customer really wants.

It’s this part of marketing that truly inspires me and has helped me help so many clients achieve results so far beyond their expectations.

I hold this same belief with everyone I work with. I’m not in the business of just driving you leads, or boosting your conversion rate, my sole aim is to help you get to your endpoint by untangling everything that’s on the way.

So that's it. I wasn't kidding about the "short and sweet".

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Warren Buffet:

“You don’t get paid for activity. You get paid for being right.”

Digital Strategy

A visionary strategist with realist results.


Driving targeted traffic destined to convert.

UX for CRO

When users are happy they do what you want.


Track, analyse, devise and conquer. I love my data.

What people have to say about me


Monika Lackmann

Mark is a valuable and intuitive expert. In the time we worked together he performed above and beyond, delivering crucial and thorough results for all things PPC/SEO/CRO/eCommerce. Mark is also highly personable and responsive to ideas and suggestions. He also provides the latest related innovations that will prove even better results for your business - highly recommended.

Jacques van der Wilt

Mark is a highly skilled Search Engine Marketer, who knows how to maximize profits on Google and other channels. Mark is not limited by time or time zones and is always looking for new ways to make more money for his customers. Beside that: he's fun to work with!

Paul Sprokkreeff

Mark’s CRO skills are impressive. His thirst for knowledge and his dedication to optimising campaigns to drive lead/sale volumes as well as constantly reducing CPAs truly made him stand out. His innovative and lateral thinking also make him a pleasure to work with as the norm just was never good enough, no matter what form it took! I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to you.

Saaim Khan

Mark has been a fantastic person to work with. He is always focused on solving the problem, and prepared to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution. He understands the marketplace and gives excellent advice. Mark is an energetic worker who displays a sincere desire to help others. I highly recommend working and connecting with Mark.

Brandon Burns

Mark is an amazing talent. In the time that we have spent together, he has single handedly turned around results for several clients, through innovation and exploring new opportunities. He has a keen eye for ensuring client's are getting best value and always focusses on their goals, whether it be profitability or brand exposure. In particular across the E-Commerce space, Mark has really championed this domain. I have had the experience of working with Mark directly and have noticed a real passion and commitment to our client's success.

Ben Fitzpatrick

In my experience, Mark makes businesses money online. It's as simple as that. He's innovative, entrepreneurial, hard working and forward thinking. And I am confident that he will be a significant asset to any business he works with. He was great to work with, in particular how he brought an excitement and positive attitude to the workplace every day that brought out the best in myself and his colleagues. I learned a great deal from him and hope to work with him again in some form in the future.

Rob Roy

Mark has an instinctive feel for designing and managing extremely profitable PPC campaigns. He is skilled at explaining the "black magic" aspects of our campaigns, responds quickly to questions and concerns, and on several occasions has talked us out of poorly-conceived PPC budgets and campaigns even though he lost management fees as a result. It's always great to develop a high level of trust where you can consider an external consultant part of your team.

Saba El-Hanania

Working with Mark was like having an in-house expert and one less thing to worry about. He first took the time to truly understand what was unique about our firm and then consistently drove excellent leads. Highly recommended.

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